Kocher Cemetery

Ruggles, Lake Twp PA
Laketon, Luzerne County, PA
Lat: 41° 22′ 04″N, Lon: 76° 04′ 46″W.
From Ruggles drive south on SR 29 to Spruce Road.

Continue east for only a short distance.
The cemetery is on the south side of the road.

Information and photo provided by: Ray Kocher

Information and photo provided by: Ray Kocher
The cemetery is still active and has several hundred internment’s.

HARRISON, Emma, died 28 Sept 1902 21 years

HARRISON, Lulu, died 22 Feb 1900 1 year; Loria, died: 15 Feb 1900 5 years (daughters of Charles)

LUTES, Albert, son of W. C. and Hannah, died: 26 July 1899 1 year

KOCHER, John, son of Elmer and Mary, died: 29 July 1899 7 years

KOCHER, Mabel, daughter of E. E., died: 21 Dec 1900 8 years

KOCHER, Mary E., died: 22 Oct 1901 40 years