Keating Summit Cemetery

Keating Summit,
Potter County, PA

The Cemetery is above Reed Run road as you drive south from Keating Summit in a grove of hemlocks.

Some information provided by the Potter County Historical Society
Photos By: Dana Valley

Keating Summit Cemetery
Keating Summit Cemetery

Road to Keating Summit
Road to Keating Summit

There are many damaged and unreadable stones GAR
There are many damaged and unreadable stones

BURLEW, Charles W. Born, died 1-11-1936. Age: 76y 3m 9d

BUTLER, Bertha. Born 1887, died 1917

BUTLER, Forrest G. Born 6-5-1899, died 5-7-1912
– Son of Claud and Ella M. Butler.

CANNON, Pearl. Born 4-8-1909, died 4-17-1909
– Dau. of John B. and Ethel Cannon

DAY, Mary. Spouse of E. E. Day. Born 1885, died 1908

HAYNES, Catherine [Katie]. Spouse of William S. Born 11-1851, died 1908

HAYNES, William S.. Spouse of Catherine. Born 9-1845, died 1931

HOOKS, Findley E. Born 4-24-1893, Died 2-9-1978
WW I Vet, US Navy

HOOKS, Findley E.
Photo By: Lasherp

JONES, Ethel. Born 3-2-1895, died 8-11-1895
– Dau of Jared and Stella Jones

JONES, Jared F. Spouse of Stella. Born 9-13-1868, died 3-27-1901

KAPLE, Kathryn M. Spouse of Arthur R. KAPLE. Born 4-12-1926, died 3-08-2007. Age: 80y – Dau of Theodore F. and Gladys A. (Yentzer) Stewart. Born in Port Allegany PA, d. Erie PA (Select Specialty Hosp), Wed 10-05-1944 in Wellsville NY (Arthur d. 8-12-2002)

KELLY, Harry W. Born 7-??-1886, died 4-9-1889. Age: 2y 9m. – Son of John and Emma M. Kelly

LEIGHTLEY, Larry M. Born 10-7-1969, died 10-7-1989 – Peacetime Vet, US Army, PFC

MCLEOD, Alex D. Born 8-10-1860, died 5-18-1905

MCLEOD, Sophia J. Born 1868, died 1953

MITCHELTREE, John Dingle. Spouse of Martha J. Clark. Born 3-9-1837, died 3-2-1918. Age: 80y 11m 21d – Born in Clinton Co. John, Becky, Martha and all 10 their children lived amicably and openly together for 32 years. Civil War Vet

MITCHELTREE, Martha Jane (Clark). Spouse of John D. Born 4-1837, died Aft 6-1910
– No Marker. From Jersey Shore.

MITCHELTREE, Ned P. Born 6-5-1908, died 10-20-1908

MITCHELTREE, Pauline (Parker) [Polly]. Spouse of William. Born 1888, died 10-1908
– Dau of Noah Parker of Gardeau, McKean Co.

MORE, Charlotte M. Spouse of Harry M. Born, died 4-14-1907. Age: 26y 10m 21d

MORE, Leo T. Born 5-7-1900, died 8-8-1900
– Son of Harry M. and Charlotte M. More

QUICK, Samuel E. Born, died 5-8-1889. Age: 63 – Civil War Vet

RINEHULS, Rebecca G.
Spouse of William H.
Born 1848, Died 1904
RINEHULS, Rebecca G.
RINEHULS, William H. RINEHULS, William H.
Spouse of Rebecca G.
Born 1885, Died 5-6-1923
– Killed by a train at Niagara Falls


Frank B Rinehuls
Birth: 1858 Death: 1921Mina R Rinehuls
Birth: 1867 Death: 1897Tracy Rinehuls
Birth: 1896 Death: 1896
Rinehuls Headstone

SACKETT, Lennie. Born, died 3-22-1888. Age: 8y 10m 25d – Son of A.J. and M. Sackett

SUMMERSON, Myrtle A (Vanvolkinburg)
Born June1891, died 1912
Wife of Orville Summerson,
Mother of John
Daughter of Amsey and Anna (Matthews) VanVolkinburg

Myrtle VanVolkinburg Summerson was pregnant with her 2nd child when her appendix ruptured .

Grandchildren of Sanford VanVolkinburg.
Grandchildren of Sanford VanVolkinburg.
Myrtle and Olee VanVolkingburg
Myrtle and Olee VanVolkingburg

Born 11-01-1897, died 11-1918
Son of Amsey and Anna (Matthews) VanVolkenburg

Newspaper: VANVOLKENBURG, Olee Died Nov. 1918 Olee VanVolkenburg, son of Mr. & Mrs. Amsey VanVolkenburg of Austin, died Nov. 1918. Survived by parents & brothers, Andrew, Leon and Oliver. Buried in the Keating Summit cemetery.

Sanford VanVolkinburg
Photo By: MRB

VANVOLKINBURG, Sanford. Born 1817, died 6-26-1894
Spouse of Amy Jenkins and Mary Ann Johnson.

WEAVER, Alice Snowie. Born 1885, died 1888

WEAVER, Bird Lansing. Born 173, died 1888

WEAVER, Della Maud. Born 1874, died 1888

WEAVER, Rosell. Born 1854, died 1888