Gregory and Shoemaker Homes

By Carolyn.

Gregory Home

In 1900 Sidney H. Gregory was a veterinary surgeon living with his spouse, Media Amelia Stevens Gregory in Laceyville.

Does anyone recognize this house and is it still there?

I think the house is at the end of a street fairly close to the library.

Residing with Sidney and Media in 1900:

      • Blennie Gregory (born Oct. 1872), daughter.
      • Elizabeth E Ackley (born May 1820), Media’s widowed mother.
      • Hartley H Stevens (born Sept. 1836), Media’s brother.

Sidney and Media Amelia are both buried in the
Lacey Street Cemetery;

  GREGORY, Sidney H., 11 May 1838 – 9 Apr 1901;
  Amelia A. Stevens, his wife, 29 May 1838 – 10 Feb 1920


The Shoemaker home is on a hill somewhere on the outskirts of Laceyville, Pa.
It has a large lawn with pine trees.

My aunt and uncle used to hit golf balls below the terrace.

This house belonged to my great grandfather, William Ethelred Shoemaker and his wife, Etta Gregory Shoemaker.

William was a game warden. He was murdered in 1921. The house then passed to his oldest son, Myron Shoemaker who was well known in the area.

This photo was taken on the
stone wall near the fireplace.

The Shoemakers gathered for a picnic in the summer of 1951.

I believe left to right is Myron Shoemaker, who owned the house at that time, Gerald Shoemaker, Marshall Shoemaker (Myron’s son), George Shoemaker (Sidney’s son), and Sidney Shoemaker (my grandfather). I do not know the young man on the far right.

I would also like to know the location of this house.

Please email me with any information.
Thank you, Carolyn