Isaac Lacey

Biographies from the ‘1786 History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming Counties Penn. 1880‘ published in 1880. Typed as written.

Isaac Lacey, who has numerous descendants in Braintrim, was among the pioneers. He was born in Fairfield County, Conn., April 2nd, 1754, and married Lydia Pratt, of the same place March 11th, 1784. In 1792 he located on a farm on Lacey Street, named after him. He bought the Connecticut title, but had to re-purchase of the Pennsylvania proprietors or lose his farm. He was a weaver and spent much of his time at the loom, but found time to clear up and cultivate his farm with the assistance of his sons. He reared a large family, most of whom always lived in the township. He died November 2nd, 1830; his wife March 16, 1809.

His father, Ebenezer Lacey was born in Connecticut, April 19th, 1727, and came to Braintrim in 1794, where he died December 21st, 1807. His wife, Freelove Canfield, died March 5th, 1801, aged 74 years.

Ebenezer Lacey, oldest son of Isaac Lacey, was born in Vermont, November 28th, 1788. From 1792 he lived in this township, farming and hunting. He was soldier in the war of 1812 and was granted a land warrant for his service. He was also a noted as a builder of “arks,” the principal means of transportation in early days. He married, June 5th, 1809, Zeruah Northrup, who was born in Connecticut, April 3ed, 1789, and came to Laceyville in 1807. She died March 1st, 1869. Mr. Lacey died April 24th, 1872.

Canfield I. Lacey, son of Ebenezer Lacey, is a native and lifelong resident of Braintrim, born August 28th, 1828, and married December 12th, 1854, to Elizabeth Norton, of Mifflin County, Pa. He sold goods eight years at Laceyville; was contractor on public works five years; erected and operated the foundry at Laceyville, and in 1869 built the present steam grist-mill at that place in company with David Goodale. He has served as justice of the peace five years and was the census enumerator for Braintrim in 1880.

Henry J. Lacey, farmer, son of Isaac Lacey and the youngest of eleven children, was born in Braintrim, April 23, 1806, and was married June 18th, 1829, to Polly Sturdevant, of Windham. With his own hands he has cleared and improved 100 acres of heavily timbered land. In 1873 he moved to Laceyville and retired from active business. He has served as justice of the peace and held other township offices.

William B. Lacey, son of Daniel P. Lacey, was born in Braintrim, October 25th, 1823, and was married July 7th, 1847 to Lydia E. Hall, a native of New York State. He is by occupation a farmer and has always resided on the old homestead on Lacey Street.

Expert from ‘1900 Directory of Wyoming County’
Braintrim Township Directory

Lacey Alfred N, (Laceyville) r 2 cor 1, farmer about 64
Lacey Anna P., (Laceyville) widow John R. bds Main
Lacey Arthur R. (Laceyville) p 1 cor 2, shoemaker and farmer50, estate of William B. h Main
Lacey Canfield I. (Laceyville) traveling agt for Marble Works.
Lacey Charles B. (Laceyville) r 6, market gardner.
Lacey Emily L. (Laceyville) r 1 widow William B., interest in farm estate 80.
Lacey Frank W. (Laceyville) r 1 cor 2, school teacher
Lacey Harvey A., (Laceyville) town treasurer and manager W L Jayne hardware and harness, Mail h over store
Lacey Olive D., (Laceyville) widow Henry W, dressmaker, Main
Lacey Paul O., (Laceyville) h main.
Lacey Raymond H, (Laceyville) school teacher, h Main.
Lacey Sarah Z., (Laceyville) h Main.

Abbreviations – h., house; cor., corner, bds., boards.

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My great-great grandfather Seth Lacey, a physician-pharmacist who migrated to Aberdeen, South Dakota, had roots in Laceyville.

Ralph Keyes

March 9, 2011 at 12:40 PM
Blogger Ralph said…
Forgot to mention that Seth Lacey left Laceyville for the Dakota Territory after the Civil War. In Dakota he and his wife Hattie raised a son Clarence and daughter Myrtie, who married Horace Scott. Any information about Seth Lacey’s Laceyville roots would be appreciated.

March 14, 2011 at 5:18 PM
Blogger Ruth59 said…
I am working on a project identifying physicians in the latter part of the 19th century in Rock County, Wisconsin. Seth C. Lacey, Clarence Lacey, Daniel Pratt Lacey, Seth Ward Lacey and John C. Lacey have popped up. I am intrigued by the number of physicians coming from this family. I welcome your comments. Ruth

November 6, 2012 at 3:13 PM
Ralph Keyes said…
Ruth -As a descendant of most of the Lacey docs you’ve mentioned I’d love to hear more about your project.