Small Cemeteries N to R

Noah Adams Family Plot
North Branch or Adams Cemetery
Oakley Cemetery
Old Baptist Church or Jayne Cemetery
Old Mowry Cemetery
Pearle Goodwin Farm
Robinson Family Plot – moved to Vaughn Cemetery

Noah Adams Family Plot
Forkston, PA

ADAMS, Noah, 27 Aug 1747 – 1834 Pvt. Conn. Troops, Rev. War

North Branch or Adams Cemetery
Forkston, PA
Just off Rt. 87 from Forkston to Goodwin Farm,
on left bank as you turn right on the dirt road.

ADAMS, Adelia H., See Jacob Bartolet

ADAMS, Fanny, 11 Apr 1832 – 11 June 1898

ADAMS, Fred F., 10 Sept 1872 – 27 June 1906

ADAMS, Gilbert, d: 22 Nov 1866 (NOy; Betsey, h/w, d: 19 May 1870 63y 5m 3d

ADAMS, O. R., 19 Sept 1842 – 28 Dec 1919
Co. B, 52nd PV Civil War;
Jane, his wife,, 8 Aug 1847 – 12 July 1897

ADAMS, Richard, d: 4 Sept 1868 67y 1m 22d
“Asleep in Jesus Peaceful Rest, Whose waking is supposedly blest. In fear no woe shall dim that hour, That manifests the Saviour’s Power.”;
Polly, his wife, d: 3 July 1875 70y 3m 25d
“A mother kind lies here at rest, With earthly cares no longer pressed. Her soul we trust by pardoning grace, Finds now with Saints a resting place.”;
Aaron James, son, d: 9 Nov 1857 17y 1m 25d

ADAMS, Rodah, See Rodah Adams Krewson

ADAMS, William S., 1824 – 1896;
Sally A., his wife, 1831 – 1906;
Francis H., 1852 – 1852;
Frank W., 1854 – 1965;
Mary B., 1869 – 1878

ASHCRAFT, Susan J., See Byron J. Burgess

BARTOLET, Jacob, son of Samuel and Hannah, 9 Nov 1823
Chester Co. – 10 Jan 1905;
Adelia H. Adams, his wife, d: 16 Dec 1881 46y 10m 12d
“You be good. Meet me in Heaven.”

BOWMAN, Elijah, 5 Aug 1785 – 7 Feb (No YR.)

BURGESS, Byron J., 1852 – 1923;
Susan J. Ashcraft, his wife, 1849 – 1916;
Bessie, daughter, 1876 – 1903

BURGESS, E. (C/G), d: 9 Mar 1877 46y 1m 28d (Stone Broken)

BURGESS, Edwin N., 1828 – 1912; Sarah E., his wife, d: 15 June 1878 47y 9m 13d; Frederick S., son, d: 16 Oct 1861 4y 6m 26d; Infant son, d: 14 Jan 1873 4m 3d; Mira, d: 26 July 1878 7y 4m

BURGESS, John S., son of O. R., and E. A., d: 11 Mar 1895 24y 1m 27d

BURGESS, Russell P., 8 Dec 1823 – 14 Aug 1898; Mary A., his wife, 8 Mar 1827 – 16 Nov 1888 ‘Tis with believers well; Grattan W., son, d: 15 Jan 1862 6y 5m 26d

BURGESS, Seth, d: 7 June 1887 84y 11m 21d; Eliza, his wife, d: 22 Jan 1887 86y 3m 26d

ESTES, James, 1850 – 1926; Mary, his wife, d: 19 Oct 1947; Lemuel G., son, 21 Apr 1894 – 19 Apr 1905

FROST, Maude, dau. of George O. and Anne, d: 27 Oct 1877 9y 3m

KREWSON, Rodah Adams, wife of Harford, 29 Aug 1835 – 24 Jan 1906

LEROY, Parney M., dau. of Major and Mary, d: 15 Aug 1904 52y

LEROY, Teunis V., d: 6 July 1877 82y 2m 21d; Asenatha, his wife,, d: 29 June 1886 86y 7m 11d; Helen J. A., daughter, d: 26 Aug 1879 36y 8m 25d; Jackson E., son, d: 6 feb 1883 56y 1m 24d

LOTT, Myra L., dau. of E. W. and R. E., d: 1 Oct 1885 2y 1m 15d

SHOEMAKER, John, d: 28 Dec 1889 67y “Gone but not forgotten”

Oakley Cemetery
South of Nicholson of Route 92.

BACON, Catherine Oakley, wife of Sylvester d: 22 Mar 1863 38y 6m 23d; Effie, dau., d: 13 Mar 1854

BACON, Catherine, 9 Sept 1815 – 5 Sept 1933

BACON, Clarence, 9 Dec 1875 – 6 June 1910

BACON, Matilda, dau. of Sylvester and Catherine, d: 5 Sept 1858 4m 26d

BACON, Milburn, 13 Mar 1851 – 20 Nov 1939

BACON, Wirtie Hayden, 14 Jan 1879 – 27 Feb 1972

FERGUSON, Sorenda, See Peter Riker

HAYDEN, See Wirtie Hayden Bacon

MENHENNETT, Mae G. Oakley, wife of W. L., 1890 – 1926

OAKLEY, Catherine, See Catherine Oakley Bacon

OAKLEY, Evaline H., See Peter Riker

OAKLEY, Mae G., See Mae G. Oakley Menhennett

OAKLEY, Merrit W., 1846 – 1914; Julia E., 1860 – 1927; Luther Ray, son, 1895 – 25 Dec 1897

OAKLEY, Perry B., d: 1947

OAKLEY, Perry O., 4 Sept 1820 – 1 Feb 1899 78y; Alma Elizabeth, his wife, 16 Mar 1822 – 16 Aug 1901; Rachel J., daughter, d: 4 Apr 1856 2y 1m 27d

OAKLEY, Ruth, dau. of J. M. and Stella, d: 4 Mar 1897 3m

OAKLEY, Samuel, d: 30 July 1863 76y 2m 20d; Mary, his wife, d: 18 Mar 1864 73y 24d

RIKER, Peter R., 1835 – 1909; Evoline H. Oakley, his wife 1841 – 1875; Eugene, 24 Apr 1863 – 28 Dec 1912; Sorenda Ferguson, wife of Peter R., 1852 – 1924

WARNER, Anna, d: 1 Apr 1904 24y

Old Baptist Church or Jayne Cemetery
Mehoopany, PA

BEERS, Olive, wife of Daniel M., d: 17 Jan 1839 63y 11m

BEERS, Thomas H., son of Jerome E., and Melinda, d: 28 Mar 1846 3y 11m

BIXBY, Smith, Elder, d: 12 Feb 1837 In his 30th year “Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fall from among the children of men.” Ps. 12:1

BOND, Mehitable, d: 1 June 1836 32y 10m 15d

BROOKS, Anna, dau. of J. M. and Henrietta, d: 6 May 1862 1y 5m 16d

CARNEY, Hiram, d: 18 June 1850 50y; Charles L., son of Hiram and Mary, d: 11 Sept 1845 3y 12d

CARNEY, William, d: 17 Aug 1832 89y 5m __d;
Prudence, his wife, d: 16 Apr 1845 83y;
Samuel, son, d: 6 Feb 1835 15y

DETRICK, Sarah Almina, dau. of Jacob and Rebecca, d: 26 Mar 1863 1y 9m

DRAKE, Ellen, dau. of John R. and Delina, d: 9 June 1858 9m 15d

DRAKE, Julia A., dau. of John and Reannah, d: 24 Nov 1857 18y 8m 20d

DUDLEY, John F., son of Jonathan A. and Theoda, d: 17 Jan 1837 1y 1m 13d

EMERY, Daniel, d: 15 Feb 1835 84y 7m 10d

FURMAN, Charles H., son of E. H. and M., d: 4 July 1854 1y 1m 6d

GROO, Chloe E., dau. of Aaron A. and Violeta, d: 15 Dec 1834 1y 9m “Dearest sister thou hast left, Here, thy loss we deeply feel, But ’tis God that hath benefit.”

GROW, Chloe, wife of Danford, d: 1 July 1841 61y 6m “No children dear assemble here.”

HANKINSON, Kenneth, d: 3 Nov 1860

HICKS, Delian A., daughter of Daniel and Eleanor, d: 21 Aug 1838 9m

JACKSON, Amos, d: 7 Feb 1811 83y 7d

JACKSON, David D., d: 15 Oct 1836 23y 1m 17d

JACKSON, Henry, d: 20 Feb 1856 60y 22d

JACKSON, Solomon, son of Henry and Azuba, d: 22 Feb 1842/7 27y 10m 19d

JAYNE, Delina, wife of Benjamin, d: 15 Feb 1835 21y 7m 8d “No marble can her worth impart, ‘Tis written on my bleeding heart. Inscribed with more than human skill, In memory lives her virtue still.”

JAYNE, Emoline, consort of Jacob L., d: 12 Aug 1835 23y 9m

JAYNE, Mary E., daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca, d: 1 Nov 1836 6y or 6wks

JAYNE, Orin B., son of George and Annia A., d: 6 Nov 1866 2m 22d

JAYNE, Polly, wife of David, d: 11 Mar 1854 80y

JAYNE, Thurzy, wife of Norton, d: 14 Aug 1856 39y 8m;
Sally, daughter, d: 14 Sept 1856 2y 6m

JAYNE, Timothy, d: 30 Jan 1882 83y 6m 17d

JAYNE, William, d: 14 Dec 1835 63y 10m 16;
Elizabeth, his wife, d: 30 Dec 1842 62y 10m 6d

KIMBER, Anna E., dau. of Squire A. and Sally J., d: 11 Apr 1858 15y 2m 10d

POTTER, Alice F., daughter of G. W. and Mary, d: 1 Apr 1859 3y 23d

POTTER, Fanny, wife of Deacon Ebon R., d: 2 Apr 1846 53/8y 4m 3d

RUSSELL, Lorenzo, son of Alban and Lydia, d: 11 Apr 1859 7m 5d

RUSSELL, Sarah Angeline, wife of Alban, d: 13 Aug 1849 20y 3m 8d

RUSSELL, Schuyler, d: 27 Oct 1859 59y 9d (Masonic emblem)
“My children dear assemble here, A father’s grave to see. Not long ago I dwelt with you, But soon you will dwell with me.”

SMITH, Harriet L., dau. of George and Anna, d: 11 Nov 1852 22y 8m 21d

SMITH, Harry, son of H. F. and M. E., d: 8 May 1866 2m 11d

SMITH, John L., son of George W. and Amelia, d: (No Date) 24y 20d

SPRING, Josiah Converse, d: 9 Dec 1834 70y; Betsey, his wife, d: 20 July 1851 86y

THOMAS, Hannah, wife of David, d: 7 Feb 1844 61y 5d
“Asleep in Jesus far from the kindred, And their grave may be; But time is still a blessed sleep, From which now never wake to weep.”

Old Mowry Cemetery
Meshoppen, PA
Located at the foot of “Rattlesnake Hill”
behind Dibble’s Hardware Store

in the borough of Meshoppen.

ALLEN, C. W., (No Dates) Co. B, 16th NY Inf.

ALLEN, Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah, d: 14 May 1869 79y

ARNTS, Henry, d: 27 Dec 1868 78y 3m 16d; Catherine Kitner, d: 28 Feb 1849 54y 2m

BAKER, James N., 26 May 1856 – 10 Nov 1891; Mary R., 18 Sept 1860 – 20 Oct 1891

BAKER, Persia, wife of James E., d: 20 Nov 1860 37y

BOWMAN, Alden M., son of Braslus and Elizabeth, d: 7 Feb 1863 12y 5m

BOWMAN, Judson C., son of James P. and Amanda, d: 8 Jan 1863 5y 9m 20d

BREWER, Francis, d: 29 Apr 1833 67y; Polly, d: 8 Feb 1862

BREWER, Sarah, wife of Jonathan, d: 13 May 1880 47y 7m 14d

BREWER, Volney, son of Francis and Agnes, d: 11 Apr 1853 4y 2m 18d

BREWER, Warren, d: 27 Jan 1875, 52y 1m 16d: Matilda, d: 9 June 1866 41y 4m 9d;
George W., d: 7 Feb 1858 3m

BUNNELL, Benjamin, son of William and Maria F., d: 17 Jan 1872 22y 16d

DAVIS, John G., d: 29 June 1873/8 56y 2m 28d; Eliza M., d: 30 Oct 1852 39y

DETRICK, Charles E., son of Frederick and Julina, d: 11 Aug 1860 7y 8m 21/4d

DETRICK, Henry, d: 1854 (Rest of the stone is broken.)

DOOLITTLE, Irene, wife of Edmund, d: 20 Aug 1876 38y 1m 28/9d

ELLIS, Esther, d: 8 July 1843 87y

ELLIS, Jessie, 18 June 1865 68y 2m 5d; Permelia, d: 15 Jan 1859 62y

EVANS, William, d: 24 Feb 1870 65y; Rachel, d: 23 Sept 1879 70y

FELKER, Elizabeth, wife of George, d: 24 Nov 1867; George N., son, d: 13 Mar 1861 13y 11m 28d; James A., d: Jan 1867 16y 8m 22d

FEVERSTEIN, Frank, d: 30 May 1871 22y 9m Drowned in Meshoppen Creek

GREGORY, (Unknown), dau., of J. and Sally, d: 26 Feb 1860 16y 9m 28d (No Stone)

HOLLENBECK, Nesbirt, son of John and (Unknown), d: 29 Mar 1854 5m 27d

HULL, Susan, wife of P., d: 18 Sept 1847 33y 5m 16d

IVES, W. T., (No Dates) Co. B, 52nd PA Inf.

KING, Roena E., wife of John S., d: 27 Sept 1869 25y 11m 25d

KITNER, Catherine, See Henry Arnts

LOVE, Andre, d: 25 Feb 1872 77y 4m 25d

MARCY, Barbary, wife of Nicholas, d: 11 May 1848 23y 10m

MARSHAM, William, Native of England – d: 2 Mar 1873 78y 5m; Sarah, his wife, Native of England – d: 31 Aug 1872 76y

POTTER, Allen, d: 20 Nov 1843/5 84y; Mary, d: 19 Aug 1848 84y

PRESSMAN, Emma, daughter of (No Names) (No Dates) (Rest of stone is unreadeable)

STERLING, Henry D., son of Lewis and Emily, d: 14 Nov 1831 6y 12d

SWETLAND, Darwin W., son of Joseph and Hester, d: 6 June 1851 11y 10m 20d

TALADA, Goodrich, (No Dates) Co. I, 50th PA Inf.

THOMPSON, Onselia M., dau. of Charles and Susanna, d: 2 Apr 1841 7m 21d

VOSE, G. D., d: 26 Sept 1873 62y (Mason); Martha, d: 30 Dec 1840 58y

The following have no surnames:

, George; Lillie; John; Children of Jared and Hannah, (No Dates)

, Mary L. dau. of B. A. and C. Bogart, d: 21 July 1853

, Nora A., wife of Frederick, d: 28 Aug 1883 19y

Pearle Goodwin Farm
Mehoopany, PA

ANSON, Martin, 26 Feb 1818 – 1 Sept 1835 17y 6m 6d

Robinson Family Plot – moved to Vaughn Cemetery
Mehoopany, PA
Located between the railroad tracks
behind Charmin, along Old Creamery Road.

REBER, Lydia Ann, wife of J. O. Reber, d. 19 Feb 1878 27/37 5m 4d

ROBINSON, A. W., d. 29 Apr 1884 70y 22d;
Sally (Sarah), his wife, d. 27 Dec 1881 (Possibly 27 Oct 1887) 65y 11m 14d;
Mary E., daughter, d. 23 Mar 1848 6y 13d;
Lucia, daughter, d. 11 Aug 1860 5y 8m 5d;
Wayne M., son, d. 12 Aug 1860 6y 9m 9d;
Edgar A., son, d. 8 Oct 1850 2y 4m 5d

ROUGHT, Alice G., wife of A. B., d. 12 Dec *1874 30y 9m 2d  -Corrected by Ken Rought

WOODRUFF, George F. C., d. 2 Feb 18__ 25y 11m __d

WOODRUFF, Nellie, dau. of George C., and Alice, d. 8 Aug 1864 21d
“So fades the blooming flower Sweet smiling solace of the hour.”

WOODRUFF, Infant, son of George and Alice, d. 3 Apr 1863 13d
Happy for so short a while –
Rest in peaceful slumbers rest.
September 1977 moved to Vaughn Cemetery.