Small Cemeteries G to M

George Wilson Children Plot
German Hill Cemetery
Harris Family Plot
Henry Site
Henry Miller Children
Jenkins Family Plot
Koloff Site
Lee Family Plot
Menger Family Cemetery

George Wilson Children Plot
Lemon Twp. Wyoming Co., PA

Children of George Wilson, No names or dates

German Hill Cemetery
Tunkhannock, PA

CLINGER, Henry, d: 22 Oct 1858 68y;
Margaret, his wife, d: 4 Sept 1875 85y

CLINGER, Jacob, d: 29 June 1881 48y;
Candace, his wife, 13 Oct 1860 27y 3m 15d

GRAHAM, Israel, d: 15 June 1863 74y 9m

HOADLEY, Mary, wife of D. F., d: 11 Mar 1870 47y 11m 2d

REEVES, Sylvester, 1829 – 1904; Marguarite A., 1833 – 1911

SHOOK, Susan, dau. of Samuel and Magdaline, d: 30 Nov 1863 19y 15d

Harris Family Plot

Falls, PA
Land owned by Wyoming Sand and Gravel Co.

GOLDSMITH, Phoebe, See Peter Harris

HARRIS, Peter, d: 11 Nov 1819 70y;
Phoebe Goldsmith, his wife, d: 15 Jan 1822 72y

Flagstone with initials, P. O., 1776 Flag (No Dates)

Fence and Tombstone erected by their Granddaughter, Abigail Harding

Henry Site
Dutch Mountain, Forkston, PA
Located on Bellasylvia Gun Club Road, past cabin on right.
Go up hill around the corner, grave on left by some trees.

UNKNOWN, Henry, (No Dates) Revolutionary War Marker
(Last name might be Casper.)

(The tombstone with Henry, possibly Casper on it is the other way around. It is Casper Henry. He was born in the late 1700’s in Knowlton, Hunterdon, New Jersey and moved with his mother, father and many sisters to settle Nescopeck. After being there a while, he moved to Wyoming County where he died. There was an article written about this tombstone.
Information by Judy Parsons, a descendant of Casper Henry.

Henry Miller Children
Located 9/10 Mile over Wyoming County Line.

MILLER, William Henry, (No Dates);
Alcia rought, his wife, (No Dates);
A set of twins, d: at birth, (No Dates);
a child a few days old, (No Dates)

ROUGHT, Alicia, See William Henry Miller

Jenkins Family Plot
Tunkhannock, PA
Located off US 6, across the road from the Tyler Memorial Hospital.
Behind the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Peters.

JENKINS, Ada, 1819 – 1899

JENKINS, Amy, 1825 – (No Date)

JENKINS, Benjamin, d: 16 June 1852 65y
“Lord now lettest thy servant depart in peace according to thy Word.”

JENKINS, Elisha, 1821 -1895

JENKINS, Elizabeth, 1814 – 1889

JENKINS, Sallie, 1817 – 1885

JENKINS, Stephen, son of Benjamin and Mary, d: 29 June 18__ 28y 3m 21d

JENKINS, Truxton, son of Benjamin and Mary, d: 1 June 1836 3y 3m 19d

JENKINS, (No Name), d: 11 May 1863 34y 3m 12d (Name Broken off stone)

MULLISON, James, 9 Dec 1793 – 30 Dec 1837

VanFLEET, Benjamin Jenkins, d: 16 Feb 1870 77y 5m

Koloff Site
Dutch Mountain, Forkston, PA
Located past the Kester farm, on the left of Moore Cabin Road,
down in the Meadow to the left of the road.

KOLOFF, Fred K., (No Dates) Co. A, 52nd NY Inf. Civil War GAR Flag

Lee Family Plot
Eatonville, PA

JENKINS, Jane, See Jane Jenkins Lee

LEE, Jane Jenkins, wife of John, d: 19 Sept 1840 22y 1m 1d

LEE, Jesse, d: 17 Aug 1839 61y 5m 7d

Children of Jesse and Jan Lee

Carol, daughter, d: 4 Aug 1833 8y 23d;

Marilla, daughter, d: 10 Aug 1839 16y 10m 11d;

William, son, d: 10 Sept 1840 11y 10m 20d

Menger Family Cemetery
Jerymn Hill Road, Tunkhannock, PA

GRAMPS, Henry G., 1856 – 1915; Christine, 1 Nov 1853 – 1 Jan 1938

MENGER, Adam, 1817 – 1896; Elizabeth, 1820 – 1902; Elizabeth, 1850 – 1894; Gustave, 1860 – 1933; Margaret, 1831 – 1923; Ella, 1863 – 1924; Catherine, 1794 – 1861

MENGER, Catherine, wife of John C., Died 27 Jan 1861 77y “Psalm XLII As the hart panteth after the water brooks is panteth my soul after thee”

MENGER, Rettie, dau. of Adam and Margaret, Died 10 Feb 1879 21y (Inscription is unreadable.)

SMITH, Thomas, (No Dates);
Ada Menger, his wife, 29 Dec 1864 – 2 Aug 1896