Small Cemeteries A to F

Arch School Cemetery
Ashcraft Family Plot
Barnes or Mehoopany Baptist Church Cemetery
Cappucci Grave Site
Carpenter Cemetery

Champlin Cemetery
Douglas Family Plot
Eastwood Family Plot
Fassett Family Cemetery
Fincke Family Plot
Fisk Family Plot
Forkston Cemetery
Frost Cemetery

Arch School Cemetery
Lake Sheridan, PA
Located 3/4 mile west of Lake Sheridan between routes 107 and 11.

FELTON, Mary, See Lewis Thomas

GORSE, Chester, 1798 – 1878; Mary, his wife, 1811 – 1880

HARTMAN, Mary, See Mary Hartman Rodney

HEPBURN, Christine, wife of William, 1856 – 1896

NEWAN, Sarah, 1812 – 1896

PEDRICK, Daniel, d: 23 Dec 1875 64y 1m

PEDRICK, Elisha, 24 Oct 1804 – 12 Oct 1884;
Amy, his wife, 5 June 1811 – 10 Nov 1890 79y 5m 7d

RODNEY, (No Name) d: Dec (No Date)

RODNEY, Elwood, d: 4 Apr 1942 72y

RODNEY, Henry, 1896 – 1964; Elizabeth, 1895 – 1966 71y

RODNEY, Mary Hartman, d: (No Date) 27y

ROUGHT, Archa P., son of J. H. and M. A., d; 20 Apr 1870 6y 9m

ROUGHT, Arthur W., 1867 – (No Date); Ella E. Wallace, h/w, 1873 – 1904

ROUGHT, Bryon, son of Jacob and Lorinda, d: 4 Nov 1888 35y 11m 14d

ROUGHT, Ira Avery, son of Jerome and Mary L., d: 2 Mar 1870 2y 11m __d

STODDARD, (No Names), Infants of Herman and Alice, (No Dates)

TAYLOR, Almira E., dau. of George and Margaret, 1 Dec 1865 – 29 June 1875

TAYLOR, Hulda Matilda, dau. of (No Name) and Lydia, d: 18 Aug 1863 18y 21d

THOMAS, Cormina, wife of D. H., d: 28 Dec 1870 31y 11m 1d

THOMAS, Jacob, d: 13 May 1871 70y 7m 5d

THOMAS, Jonathan, (No Dates) Co. K/R, 2nd BN PA

THOMAS, Lewis, 17 Aug 1798 – 6 Aug 1878 83y 9d;
Mary Felton, his wife, 17 Dec 1788 – 25 Dec 1876;
John thomas, d: __ Mar 1815 20y 7m 6d

THOMAS, Marchia, wife of Amos, 11 Nov 1816 – 26 Jan 1898

WALLACE, Ella E., See Arthur Rought

WORDEN, Dora A., dau. of Miner and Eliza J., d: 26 Aug 1853 4m

WORDEN, Miner, d: 19 Oct 1861 15y 2m 13d


Ashcraft Family Plot
Past Cappucci Farm on Heath Hill
between Mehoopany and Forkston.

ASHCRAFT, Emoline, dau. of James and Sarah, d: 8 May 1866 35y 5m 28d

ASHCRAFT, James, 25 Oct 1785 – 12 Apr 1860 75y 5m 18d; Sophia, h/w, d: 16 June 1864 73y 5m 20d

FELL, Betsy, See David Rose

FELLBUSH, Dorothy, wife of John, d: 19 June 1851 82y 5m 10d

FELLBUSH, Lucinda, wife of John, d: 20 May 1866 54y 5m 7d

ROSS, David, d: 16 Mar 1885 77y 9m; Betsy Fell, h/w, d: 31 Aug 1887 78y 1m 6d

ROSS, George, d: 13 Dec 1895 61y 1m 4d


Barnes or Mehoopany Baptist Church Cemetery
Mehoopany, PA
Located on the hill directly behind the Church 

ADAMS, Sally, See William Whipple

CAMPBELL, Duncan, 26 Sept 1785 – 19 Apr
Elizabeth, his wife, d: 11 Aug 1860 66y 10m 8d

CLINK, Lewis H., d: 6 May 1879 34y 26d

CLINK, Sally Ann, wife of Henry, d: 14 June 1844 62y 2m

HEATH, Heath, d: 4 Feb 1849

HEATH, Laura Jane, wife of Clark D., d: 14 Mar 1873 39y 9m 4d;
Anna Caroline, dau., d: (Illegible);
Earl, son, d: 9 Mar 1861 15d;
Harry, son, d: 21 Sept 1872 2m 8d;
Zady H., dau., d: 10 Apr 1866 3y 11m 21d

HEATH, Richard A., d: 1 Nov 1833/43 23y 8m 7d

HEATH, Samuel, d: 21 Jan 1851 27y 9m 5d

HEATH, William Anson, d: 21 July 1855 55y 2m;
Waty, his wife, d: 1 Feb 1833/5 31y 8m 10d

WHIPPLE, William, 12 Jan 1786 – 28 Feb 1840;
Sally Adams, his wife, 29 May 1790 – 24 Jan 1833;
Charlotte, dau., 4 Aug 1827 – 6 Nov 1831;
Eliza, dau., 13 Sept 1830 – 29 June 1844

Supposed to be buried here!

?? Barnes family moved to Hollenbeck Cemetery ??

?? Harold Wintermute – Caroline Dunlap ??

Cappucci Grave Site
Mehoopany, PA

Located on James Cappucci Farm on Nimble Hill,
between Mehoopany and Forkston.

BALDONI, Dominica, See Dominica Baldoni Cappucci

CAPPUCCI, Dominica Baldoni, wife of Mariano, 1880 – 1933


Carpenter Cemetery
Factoryville, PA
Located 1 mile outside Factoryville on Rt. 6.
Land owned by Barry and Jean Furneaux. 


CARPENTER, John R., 1843 – 1926;
Indi Ann Philo, his wife, 1849 – 1873;
Maggie, dau. d: 28 July 1880 9y 10m
CARPENTER, Minerva, d: 4 Mar 1898 84y;
Ethleen, dau. of Samuel and Minerva, d: 29 Sept 1863 4y 10m 25d
CARPENTER, Olive, dau. of Peleg and Lydia, d: 7 May 1835 12y
JACOX, Freelov, wife of Mason, d: 30 Aug 1885 70y 3m 6d
PHILO, Indi Ann, See John R. Carpenter
Acquired from Wyoming County Death Register


Champlin Cemetery

BOOTH, Allen H., 1843 – 1923;
Lydia A., his wife, 13 Apr 1850 – 8 Feb 1880 29y 9m 25d;
Charles S., son, 23 Oct 1879 – 29 July 1880

CHAMPLIN, William B., born in Kingston, RI – d: 14 Aug 1853 68y 6m 1d; Olive, h/w, (No Dates — stone buried in the ground.)

CHAMPLIN, William M., d: 15 Oct 1874 61y 2m 18d
“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”;
Louisa R., his wife, d: 10 May 1861 36y 9m 27d
“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”;
Almira, d: 5 Oct 1854 10m 15d;
Alvira, d: 10 Oct 1854 10m 20d;
Emma, d: 20 Apr 1861 5y 1m 25d;
John W., d: 10 July 1851 3y 27d

MITCHELL, N. W., d: 12 Oct 1882 59y 10m 17d;
Rhoda M., his wife, 23 Oct 1814 – 18 May 1897;
William B., son, d: 6 June 1861 7y 1m 16d
“And if thou count us worthy We each as dying Stephen Shall see the stand at God’s right hand To take us up to Heaven.”

MITCHELL, O. W., d: 26 Feb 1868 43y 14d;
Olive C., his wife, 1820 – 1908;
Martha E., d: 15 May 1860 1y 11m 1d;
Orin O., d: 8 Oct 1855 1y 1m

PHERREGO, Sherman L., son of Zebulon T. and Harriet E., d: 5 Sept 1879 14y 5m 2d

THOMPSON, Elizabeth, wife of George N., d: 9 Sept 1877 25y 2m 20d

WHITE, Milton J., son of John and Clarinda, 7 Feb 1887 – 11 Dec 1904

Douglas Family Plot

Located on Richard S. Stark Farm by the pond, 1/2 mile up the dirt road.
Turn right off the Forkston to Lovelton road.
Turn up road at the Dana Hulbirt Farm.

DOUGLAS, Clinton Albert, son of Isaac and Mary, d: 1843/53 5m

DOUGLAS, Lillie, dau. of A. and N., d: 18 Aug 1872 2y 1m 28d

DOUGLAS, Polly A. Kasson, wife of E. C., d: 10 July 1885 27y; Little Freddit, son, d: 21/27 (No Month or Year)

DOUGLAS, William, d: 18 Jan 1880 86y 6m

DOUGLAS, William Davis, son of William and Clarinda, d: 8 Aug 1847 6y 3m

DOUGLAS, William H., son of (No Name), d: 1840

KASSON, Polly A., See Polly A. Kasson Douglas

Eastwood Family Plot
Forkston Mountain, Forkston, PA
(David Eastwood, Jr.)
Located on John Eastwood Farm on Forkston Mountain.

EASTWOOD, John, (Buried on farm along with his wife.) NO DATES

Fassett Family Cemetery
Located between the Forkston Bridge and Jenningsville.

FASSETT, David W., 8 Feb 1820 – 19 July 1898;
Phoebe B., his wife, 23 Apr 1824 – 5 Feb 1882;
Mary P., dau., d: 17 Apr 1862 6y 11m 25d;
Perry C., son, 21 Sept 1856 – 13 Jan 1886

FASSETT, N. R. B., d: 24 June 1893 43y

TAYLOR, W. Z., d: 24 Nov 1895 53y 2m 5d;
Delia B., dau. of W. Z. and Z. C., d: 17 June 1872 3y 7m 28d;
Steven D., son, d: 22 Aug 1875 2y 2m 9d;
Perry N., son, d: 11 Sept 1886 1y 6m 16d

WRIGHT, Ella A., dau. of W. R. and J. M., d: 8 Apr 1871 1y 3m 29d

WRIGHT, Otto, son of M. W., and J. M., d: 29 Jan 1882 5d

Fincke Family Plot
Dutch Mountain
Forkston, PA

BANZHAF, Anna D., See F. Charles Fincke

FINCKE, F. Charles, 26 June 1853 – 17 Mar 1918;
Anna D., Banzhaf, his wife, 9 Mar 1859 – 25 May 1887;
Clara Louisa, dau., 17 May 1883 – 31 Dec 1899;
Freddie C., infant son, 12 May 1880 – 20 Sept 1880

FINCKE, F. Gustave, 4 June 1815 – 16 Feb 1884;
A. Ottonia, his wife, 10 July 1831 – 18 Aug 1877
FINCKE, Frederick Williams, 12 Sept 1858 – 28 Apr 1931;
Martha M., his wife, 14 July 1856 – 9 Dec 1911
Fisk Family Plot
Franklin Stark Farm

FISK, Aaron, son of Amos and Kezia Place, d: 21 Jan 1849 25y 4m 1d

FISK, Joseph, d: 25 Aug 1834 42y 1m 14d

PLACE, Kezia, See Aaron Fisk

Forkston Cemetery
Forkston, PA

Forkston Cemetery
Forkston Cemetery
Photo by Thomas Bliss

From Sullivan County, take route 87 north to Forkston. Turn right at the ballpark, go 1/4 mile take the first road on the left. Go across the bridge to the town of Forkston. Turn right across from the Methodist Church onto Bowman Hollow Road, The cemetery sign is by the road. The Cemetery is on the right, the driveway goes up the hill. For more information see: Forkston

Frost Cemetery

Windham Township, PA
(Jennings Pond)
Next farm going west past Don Watt,
behind a barn on farm of (Name Unknown)

ADAMS, Ebenezer, d: 1/9 Jan 1835 66y 10m 16d;
Lucinda, his wife, d: 3 June 1859 89y 8m 6d

ADAMS, Edgar V., son of Gilbert R. and Emily R., d: 7 Mar 1856 4y 5m 3d

ALLEN, John B., son of Wiatt and Lydia, d: 24 Jan 1859 1y

CLAPP, Abi Julia, dau. of Edward and Eliza, d: 15 June 1850 5y

CLAPP, Cyrus, d: 20 Oct 1861 63y; Sally, h/w, d: 24 Jan 1841 61y 4m 18d

CLAPP, Edward, (No Dates);
Children of Edward and Elizabeth:
George, son, d; 25 Aug 1854 2y 11m 21d;
Infant Dau., d: 15 Oct 1844 10d;
William, son, d: (No Date) 185_

DAVIS, Mary J., dau. of Daniel and Esther, d: 20 Apr 1860 1y 6m

DIBBLE, David C., Killed 8 Aug 1869 14y 3m 22d

DIBBLE, Electa Rogers, wife of David, 1824 – 1914

EASTON, Elizabeth, wife of J. C., d: 23 Apr 1846 40y 9m 23d

EASTON, Emmeretta, dau. of Riley and Betsey, d: 3 Nov 1846 7y 1m 3d

FARR, Sarah Jane, dau. of J. H. and S. S., 12 Oct 1855 – 22 Jan 1861

FASSETT, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Reuben, d: 2 Nov 1851 20y 8m 6d; Reuben, d: 22 June 1824 60y

FASSETT, Elihu, d: 7 June 1863 73y 10m 7d; Zerriah, h/w, d: 30 Dec 1852 59y 5m 20d

FROST, Anna, wife of Nathaniel C./G., d: 7 June 1845 51y 8m 26d

FROST, Janson, 7 Nov 1817 – 30 May 1868; Irene A., dau., d: 11 June 1853

FROST, Mary, wife of Daniel, d: 6 July 1836 18y 9m

FROST, Stephen, Capt., d: 16 Nov 1821 63y

GRAVES, Richard, d: 1 Mar 1837 51y; Abigail, h/w, d: 5 Sept 1837 46y

HARFORD, Mary, wife of James, d: 1 Oct 1847 25y 6m

HARRIS, Henry C., son of Jason and Rachel, d: 21 Aug 1865 17y 4m 2d

INMAN, Polly Taylor, wife of H. K., dau. of Silas and Anny Taylor, d: 19 Dec 1851/4 26y 10m 6d

PEUTERBAUGH, George E., son of Abel B. and (No Name), d: 24 Apr 1860 17y 9m 5d

ROGERS, Electa, See Electa Rogers Dibble

ROGERS, Hugh, d: 4 June 1853 59y; Caroline, h/w, 28 Jan 1892 – 9 Feb 1804; George H., son, d: 4 Sept 1837 3y 10m 6d

TAYLOR, John B., d: 15 Feb 1849 24y

TAYLOR, Polly, See Polly Taylor Inman