Small Cemeteries

A to F

Arch School Cemetery
Ashcraft Family Plot
Barnes or Mehoopany Baptist Church Cemetery
Carpenter Cemetery
Champlin Cemetery
Douglas Family Plot
Eastwood Family Plot
Fassett Family Cemetery
Fincke Family Plot
Fisk Family Plot
Frost Cemetery

G to M

George Wilson Children Plot
German Hill Cemetery
Harris Family Plot
Henry Site
Henry Miller Children
Jenkins Family Plot
Koloff Site
Lee Family Plot
Menger Family Cemetery

N to R

Noah Adams Family Plot
North Branch or Adams Cemetery
Oakley Cemetery
Old Baptist Church or Jayne Cemetery
Old Marcy Cemetery
Old Mowry Cemetery
Pearle Goodwin Farm
Robinson Family Plot – moved to Vaughn Cemetery
Robinson Street or Pearson Cemetery

S to W

Samuel Daddow Site
Shaw, Ball, or East Lemon Cemetery
Solomon Bunnell Family Cemetery
Sonsky Family Plot
South Branch or Robinson Cemetery
St. Michael’s Greek Catholic Cemetery
Tallow Hill Cemetery
Townsend Family Plot
West Nicholson Cemetery
Whitcomb or Scottsville Cemetery
Winslow Family Plot