Robinson Street or Pearson Cemetery

(Old Forkston Creek Cemetery)
Mehoopany, PA
Located along Rt. 87 just before the Forkston Township Line.

BARROS, Parney, See Jonas Farr

DeWOLF, Amasa, d: 3 Nov 1859 78y 5m 2d; Diantha, h/w, d: 11 Aug 1853 61y; Diantha N., dau., d: 4 Apr 1834 15y 15d; Mary T., dau., d: 11 Apr 1843 19y 11m 18d; Sylvania B., dau., d: 10 Jan 1863 38y 3d

DeWOLF, Amasa R., d: 29 Jan 1869 38y 4m 4d
Co. H, 52nd Reg. PV (Enlisted 1861, served 3 years) Civil War;
Margarete, h/w, d: 12 Apr 1889 52y 7m 22d

DeWolf, Betsey, See Abner Kneeland Farr

DeWOLF, Mark A., d: 3 May 1865 52y 3m 21d

DeWOLF, Philo H., d: 21 Aug 1861 36y 4m 13d

FARR, Abner Kneeland, 1812 – 1884;
Betsey DeWolf, h/w, 1814 – 1882

FARR, A. Kneeland, son of T. K. and M. C., 1873 – 1873

FARR, Jonas,
1769 – 1814

Note: Supposedly buried in Lynn Cemetery, Susquehanna Co.

Parney Barros, his wife, 1772 – 1850

Abner Kneeland 1812 – 1884
_, Dewolf 1882

JAYNE, Elizabeth, dau. of Norton and Thursey, d: 19 Feb 1875 26y 10m 13d (Another of their children was buried in the North Mehoopany Baptist Church Cemetery.)

JAYNE, Eliza E., wife of Judson Jayne, d: 16 Aug 1870 23y 8m (NO)d

JAYNE, G. W., d: 17 June 1874 35y 3m 17d;
Annis A., h/w, d: 19 May 1872 27y 7m 6d;
Harry B., son, d: 8 Oct 1875 7y 11m 22d

d: 5 Apr 1883 16y 5m 27d
“Draped in the shades of death Thy friendly face no more to see, Empty of Empty every place Once filled so well by thee.”;Parnia E., his wife,
d: 10 Dec 1900 74y 10m 13d
“Dearest Loved One we must lay there In the peaceful graves embrace. But thy memory will be cherished ‘Til we see thy heavenly face.”;

Florence Gertrude, dau.,
d: 18 July 1863 17y 7m

ROBINSON, Cory S., 1861 – 1924

ROBINSON, Myron E., son of Hiram and Elizabeth, d: 27 Sept 1846 11m 22d “Dead though not forgotten”

ROBINSON, Sarah A., wife of Riley Robinson, d: 28 Apr 1853 21y 1m 21d

ROBINSON, Sarah J., See James Sheehan

ROBINSON, William R., d: 21 Jan 1841 49y 1m 24d; Cynthia, h/w, d: 24 May 1867 69y 11m 15d; Frederick, son, d: 16 Mar 1853 12y 5d

SHEEHAN, James, 25 Oct 1844 – 6 Dec 1906 Co. C, 52nd Reg. NY Vol.; Sarah J. Robinson, h/w, 19 Aug 1847 – 15 Mar 1870

There is a broken stone which probably belongs to the child of Judson Jayne. The date is as follows: d: 21 Feb 1857 1y 1m 10d