Old Marcy Cemetery

Marcy Pioneer Cemetery – Est. 1797
Sunnyside Road, Tunkhannock, PA
Across the road from the Sunnyside Cemetery, just east of Tunkhannock on Route 6.
Old Marcy Cemetery

ADAMS, Aaron Burr, d: 31 Aug 1823 12y

AVERY, Elizabeth, wife of Ledyard W., d: 19 July 1856 29y 6m 29d

BARNUM, Theron, d: 26 Sept 1804 33y “The sweet remembrance of the just May flourish while they sleep in dust.”

BARTHOLOMEW, Andrew, d: 10 Oct 1831 19y 6m

BRISBIN, Robert G., d: 28 Aug 1847 34y 5m __d (Rest is illegible)

BROUGHTON, William J. M., d: 2 Feb 1851 9y “My body lies beneath the ground, My sufferings are all over. But when the Judgement trumpet shall sound, We will meet on that shore. Then weep not for thy son, Tho had it was to farewell. I am gone to happier worlds above, With Jesus Christ to dwell.”

BRUCE, Gardner, d: 21 May 1840 22y 25d

BUCKINGHAM, Henry, Ebt. son of John and Sarah, d: 7 Sept 1814 7m 18d “Sleep, sleep sweet babies take thy rest, God calls thee home he thought was best.”

CASSEDY, Eliza H., See Porter Marcy

CAUDREY, Susan T., dau. of Nicholson, 22 May 1812 – 1872

DECKER, Lucaetia, wife of Gilmore, d: 9 June 1861 32y 3m 24d

DECKER, Mary Olivia, dau. of Gilmore, d: 8 May 1876 22y 5m 26d

DETRICK, Sarah, wife of George, d: 10 Mar 1854 54y 6m 26d; William, son, d: 1 May 1854 30y 9m 25d

HEIZ, Henry, d: 17 Apr 1830 55y

HICKOK, Sally, wife of Carter, d: 28 Sept 1829 36y “No marble can her worth impart, Tis written in a husband’s heart.”

HOADLEY, Oliver, son of Adam and Mary, d: 29 June 1857 1y 2m 9d

HUME, Frances, d: 20 July 1808 32y

MAPS, Jane, wife of John, d: 10 July 1850 37y

MARCY, Abel, d: 27 Dec 18__ 68y 8m 3d; Afea, h/w, d: 23 July 1841 46y 7m 16d “Behold and see as you pass by, As you are now once was I. As I am now so shall you be, Prepare for death and follow me.”

MARCY, Celand, dau. of Abel, d: 9 June 1822 14y 3m

MARCY, Cyrus, son of Abigail, d: 27 July 1829 20y 2m 28d

MARCY, Eunice, wife of Abel, dau. of Capt. Jeremias Spencer, d: 20 July 1815 28y

MARCY, Israel, d: 10 Apr 1812 41y 4m 23d

MARCY, Hannah, d: 8 Apr 1857 70y 6m 5d

MARCY, Jannett Miller, dau. of Adam and Mary, d: 22 Feb 1853 18y 1m 2d

MARCY, Mary C., dau. of T. and Susannah, d: 16 Nov 1851 7y

MARCY, Nicholson, d: 30 Jan 1827 53y 2m 27d Flag

MARCY, Porter, 22 Feb 1824 – 31 May 1878; Eliza H. Cassidy, h/w, 4 Apr 1836 – 12 Aug 1891

MARCY, Susannah T., See Susannah T. Caudrey

MARCY, Zebulon, d: 22 Sept 1831 90y 3m 13d; One of the 1st settlers of the county; Jerusha, h/w, d: 27 Mar 1819 76y 2d “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.”

PHELPS, Cyrus, d: 11 Aug 1851 50y “Depart my friend dry up your tears, Here I must be till Christ appears.”

SHOOK, Henry, d: 6 Feb 1844 45y 2m 24d

SHOOK, Jacob, d: 6 Feb 1846 75y 9m 13d: Susannah, h/w, d: 24 Apr 1856 83y 8m 7d

SPENCER, Eunice, See Eunice Marcy

STEVENS, John, d: 22 Nov 1831 66y 5m 14d

TAYLOR, Esther, wife of Revod J., d: 26 Nov 1817

WALL, Demila, wife of Thomas B., d: 3 Feb 1848 29y 8m 24d

WELCH, Richard J., 12 Dec 1813 – 1 Nov 1869

WELCH, Richard, 30 Nov 1782 – 20 May 1866

WILLIAMS, Abigail, wife of J. W., d: 5 Apr 1853 30y 2m 22d

WHITMORE, Samuel, d: 20 Nov 1828 16y

WHITMORE, Sarah, dau. of Zebulon Marcy, d: 14 Oct 1845 76y 3m 20d